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'Reflection' illustration
Vector illustration. This is probably the work I am most proud of and also possibly the one I feel best represents myself as an artist and designer, in that it's an atypical concept (a portrait illustration of a reflection in a mirror) created in an atypical way (100% vector in adobe illustrator) which could be described as a microcosm of how I think and problem solve in general. I make no bones about my strong preference for illustrator over photoshop. It feels much more suited to how my mind works and I think it's just a more powerful software in general. I think some people are scared of it because it's so different and confusing at first so I imagine many people get frustrated and never open it again. But I worked a lot at it and my skill grew respectively. As far as categorical work skills go, I'd say my ability with Illustrator is my strongest asset. This illustration was the culmination of an attempt to use all the skill I'd learned with the software to see how intricate of a piece I could create. Many portrait illustrations are digitally painted in photoshop but I was proud of my work on this piece because drawing it vector gave it an unsettling sort of dreamlike, almost haunting effect which was exactly what I was going for. This piece won 1st place in illustration for the 2016 CNM Digital Media Showcase. For step-by-step documentation of the conceptualization and creation of this piece click the link below:

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Blues Fest poster
Design Crew project done more local blues music festival.

Follow the link below to see all my designs and prototype guitar neck webpage!

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Design Crew poster
Poster for the Design Crew, a merit course focused on working on real-world design projects within the community.
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Push pin
Push pin illustration demonstrating the creation of mass and form with illustrator
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Character concept